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42, abofal, alan rickman, albums, amusing slash, arrested development, askewniverse, banky/holden, beastie boys, beatles, betty blowtorch, big gay panel games, blackadder, boffle, british comedy, chasing amy, chuck/geoffrey, clerks, clive barker, crowley/aziraphale, dogma, douglas adams, drawing flies, dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher slash, elrond/arwen, fan fiction, fawlty towers, fight club, fletch, fried gold, fry/laurie, futurama, ghostbusters, good omens, half baked, harland williams, harold and kumar, hitchhiker's guide, homoerotic subtext, house, house/wilson, hugh laurie, hugh laurie in drag, hugh/stephen, hugo weaving, inglourious basterds, jack black, jaffa cakes, jason lee, jeeves and wooster, jeeves/wooster, jesus christ bananas, kevin smith, kids in the hall, l7, league of gentlemen, lord of the rings, mallrats, matrix, matrix rareslash, matrix slash, monkees, monty python,, naked trucker, nick frost, peter sellers, pig snacks, powerpuff girls, qi, queer as folk, raffles/bunny, ren and stimpy, rescue me, roadside prophets, robots, saturday night live, severus snape, sfahl, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, simpsons, sketch comedy, slash, smith/neo, smith/smith, snakes on a plane, snape/lily, soupy twist, south park, spaced, spinal tap, spongebob squarepants, squick, stephen fry, stephen fry swearing, strange brew, stugh, superman is a dick, tenacious d, the matrix, tim/mike, tiny fandoms, toonces, towels, view askew, vladimir/estragon, watching mr anderson die, young ones, zombies
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